Joint Symposium

Nagoya University Program for Leading Graduate Schools

This symposium was closed. Some pictures are here.


Do you know The Program for Leading Graduate Schools? This program is supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and provides top quality education to students who are highly creative, and will play leading roles in the modern global society.

Nagoya University has six Programs for Leading Graduate Schools with different goals. In order to promote interaction among students who have different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences, we have a special joint symposium for all the six programs. This is a precious chance for top level students in Nagoya University in various fields(Science,Engineering,Laws,etc.) to gather around and generate valuable ideas and solutions to modern society problems.These ideas and solutions may be implemented, we have therefore also made this symposium open to the public to foster the future implementaion stage.

You can find the program and more details here. If you are interested, why won’t you join us?

Theme of this symposium

Technological development and academic research are driven by needs from our daily life. However, technological development has brought not only benefits but also problems and negative effects. As technology becomes advanced, matters become complicated.

For example, scientific advance has caused mass consumption of resources, mass production and mass disposal and has led to social and environmental problems such as economic disparities and global warming. On the other hand, the development in information technology (IT) has resulted in privacy concerns though people can get information and communicate with others easily through the internet.

Students from the six programs will make joint groups and present their ideas at the symposium. Each group will choose one topic, and discuss it from various viewpoints before the presentation. In addition to the group presentation Dr. Toru Ujihara (Proffessor of Graduate School of Engineering) will give keynote speeches so that we obtain deep understanding and sophisticated ideas about the theme.

One of the most important purposes of the symposium is to generate implementable ideas. We are gathering ideas to solve problems in society. You can join us here! We are really looking forward to seeing you at the symposium!